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i havent been on this blog in 12 years how is everyon e„


2009 → 2014


Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! (Part 1)  → Vhs Edits


so at monumentour today„, patrick was talking about how he’s terrible at making speeches and he was like “yeah the other night i was talking to the crowd and i was telling this awful story and pete had to jump in and save me” and right after he said that pete started throwing guitar picks at patrick??? and patrick was laughing and was like “why are you challenging me its hard enough talking up here” and pete stopped and looked at him and said “patrick it doesnt matter what you say, you’re cute as button” aND THE CROWD FUCKIGN AWED SO LOUD LIKe this was an actual thing that happened like this moment in time exists and i support it all the wa y

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